Blockbuster is made with Unity 3D. This is a 'Puzzle'-game. This was an exam assignment for a lesson called 'Integration'.

You are surrounded by blocks in some kind of labyrinth. Most of them are white, but the others have a colour. The ones with a colour have abilities.
The player has what we call a 'Colourgun'. With this gun you can activate the ability of the coloured blocks.

Green blocks are teleporters and bring you from one place to the other. Blue blocks are moving platforms that bring you to a higher level. Orange blocks fall down to fill up a hole and cross it.
Yellow blocks give you more ammo to use on the coloured blocks. And Red blocks explode and will remove the surrounding white blocks.

The bullets and time are important, because they will determine your total score.

You can find some screenshots underneath this text. The code in the pictures was used to set the gun and change its colour. It's programmed in Javascript.

This game was made together with Steven Melis and Jasper Leys.

 Download ROD Click here to play it!


BlockBuster      BlockBuster      BlockBuster

BlockBuster      BlockBuster


copyright Kristof Van Der Haeghen 2010

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