Next-Gen Camaro




This was an exam assignment for the lesson 3D 4 games- 2nd Year. The assignment
was to model a next-gen vehicle with fitting scene. 1 person had to do the scene and
the other the vehicle.

I took the vehicle part and made a 'Chevrolet Camaro SS / Z24'. This time I found blueprints and together with reference material it made my job a bit easier.

The high poly car has around 2.600.000 polys and the low/mid poly car has around
8.000 polys.

First I made a high poly car and the I made the low/mid poly version of it. Afterwards I used the high poly car to bake a normal map onto the low/mid poly car with
the projection modifier. I've also tweaked the normal map in Photoshop.

The car was made with Autodesk: 3D Studio Max. The texture for the Camaro
was made in Adobe Photoshop.


Camaro      Camaro      Camaro

Camaro      Camaro


copyright Kristof Van Der Haeghen 2010

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