Orb-It is a 'Marble'-game. It's programmed in C++ together with DirectX 10 and PhysX.
We used a framework of the teachers, but added some stuff ourselfs.
This was an exam project for 2 lessons: C++ and Graphics Programming. It has a standard screen format of 4:3.

The point of the game is that you have to get to the end of each level, wich has
a lot of obstacles. The obstacles won't have affect on you, if you use the right

The first mode is 'Light', like a beach ball. You can be pushed upwards by wind blowers, don't affect the breakable platforms and jump high. The disadvantages are that you can be crushed by the Crushers and be burned by fire.

The second mode is 'Heavy', more like a round rock. You can stand the crushers and
the fire. You can't use the breakable platforms, because you will fall down, and
the airblowers , because you're to heavy.

And the third mode is 'Magnet'. All the other modes can't stick to the walls, but this mode can. For the rest, you have the same advantages and disadvantages as the

You can find some screenshots underneath this text. The code in the pictures was
used for the hud when you are magnetic.
If you go up and down with the mouse, your ball also will go up and down. The hud will show you how fast you go up or down. An example in the second picture.

This game was made together with Tim Michels.


Orb-It      Orb-It      Orb-It

Orb-It      Orb-It


copyright Kristof Van Der Haeghen 2010

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