The Punisher




The Punisher is an 'Action/Arcade' -game. It is programmed in C++ with an engine of the teacher, Kevin Hoefman.

The meaning was that we chose a game and reconstruct one level, but it had to be
a 2D arcade game.
We didn’t manage to reconstruct the whole first level, but we came close.

It was hard to implement the AI of the enemies, especially because it was our
first game we had to make. This was a first years exam assignment.
On the pictures, you can see some of the enemies.

You can find some screenshots underneath this text. The code in the pictures was
used for when the enemies fall down.

If the player is left, then the enemy has to fall to the right and vice versa.
Also, vertically he has to fall with some gravity and if he hits the ground he has to
go up again to make a bouncing effect. So our own physics code.

This game was made together with Dries Debecker.


The Punisher      The Punisher      The Punisher


copyright Kristof Van Der Haeghen 2010

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