PuzzleJam is a simple 'Puzzle'-game made in Unity3D. I've made this one alone.

It's a very simple game, where you have to put the pieces in the right order.
Once a piece is at the right place, you can't replace it.

You can choose between pictures you want to solve. It are all luxury cars.
If you want to practise first, just tick the practise on or else tick the ranked if you want to beat the high score.
The Highscore is based on the amount of time and the total amount of steps you took to solve the puzzle.

After you entered your name, you will go to the score board and your name will be in green so you can see how you did.
I worked with a database and accessed the database through php. With php I can
get an ordered list of scores or I can save a new score to the database.

You can find some screenshots underneath this text. The code in the pictures was used to swap the position between the first and the second selected part.

 Download ROD Click here to play it!


PuzzleJam      PuzzleJam     

PuzzleJam      PuzzleJam


copyright Kristof Van Der Haeghen 2010

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