Race Of Death




ROD is made with Unity 3D. It's a 'Vehicular Combat Race' -game. This was another exam project for a lesson called 'Integration'.

Around the track are bottons scatterd. You have to drive over the buttons to activate different actions on your car.

The Attack and Deffence buttons activate respectively the front or rear weapons.
Your front weapons are machine guns and your rear weapon is an grenade

The Health button restores a bit of your life and the Unlock button unlocks a
shortcut, so you can pass your enemies.
Also, there is the Death button that activates an Instant Death object, like a wall of
pins. The enemy won't know what hit him.

You score points by ramming into the enemy and ofcourse by shooting the enemy to smithereens.
You win the race by being first, but hitting the highscore is importent too.

You can find some screenshots underneath this text. The code in the pictures was used to look wich position our car had. It's programmed in Csharp.

The game was made together with Yannick D'hondt and Steven Melis.

 Download ROD Click here to download and play it! Don't forget to read the ReadMe file.


Race Of Death      Race Of Death      Race Of Death

Race Of Death      Race Of Death


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