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Van Der Haeghen

Oudenaarde, Belgium
3rd year - Digital Arts and Entertainment
   Major: Game Development


Key Skills

- Good knowledge of C++ Programming
- Basic knowledge of Csharp / .Net
- Good knowledge of DirectX and Nvidea PhysX
- Basic knowledge of OpenGL
- Also Good 3D modeling/texturing skills (3Ds Max/ Mudbox)
- The ability to combine 3D skills and programming skills with Unity 3D
- Wide knowledge of other technical aspects of game-development like:
     shaders, rigs, particles, animation, baking normal maps, maxscript, etc.
- The ability to work in team as well as independent



- Microsoft Visual Studio C++ / C#
- Autodesk 3Ds Max / Mudbox
- Adobe Photoshop
- Unity 3
- UDK (Unreal Development Kit)
- DirectX SDK together with Nvidea PhysX SDK
- Basic knowlidge of MySQL for writing queries
- ...



- 09/ ’07 - 07/ ‘11

- 09/ ’01 - 07/ ‘07

- 09/ ’94 - 07/ ‘01
High School West-Flanders, Kortrijk
Training: Bachelor MCT: Digital Arts & Entertainment
(Major Game Development) (Currently in last year)

Free Technical Institute Sint-Lucas, Oudenaarde
Training: Electricity - Electronics (EE)

Free Primary School Onze-Lieve-Vrouw, Oudenaarde






Knowledge of Languages

- I speak and write     fluently:

-I speak and write     the basics:

Dutch (Mother tongue)






Hobies and Intrests

- Working with Adobe Photoshop & Premiere Pro
- Modeling in 3Ds Max
- Playing and making music
- Putting computers together and fix them
- Playing games on PC, Consoles and Handhelds
- Developing games with Unity or others
- Fond of watching movies and series


In General

I really like to program, especially the implementation of gameplay.
Also Unity 3D is an engine/editor I like to work with. You can quickly implement
gameplay and quickly build a level with homemade 3D models.

So basically, I’m like an technical artist, A programmer with knowledge of 3D. And for
game development that’s definitely an advantage.





copyright Kristof Van Der Haeghen 2010

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