This is the first screensaver I've ever made. It's a particle screensaver that you
can manipulate realtime. This is a last year exam project for a lesson called platform
development. It is programmed in C++ (OpenGL) and Win32.

You can configure the screensaver. It wil open a cfg file in notepad.
You can change the particles, choose the animation, set auto change, set the time
to automaticly switch animation, etc...

In order to make this I first searched how to setup a screensaver in visual studio.
Then I followed a tutorial of NeHe about particles. I also have gotten a lot of help
of a friend, Laurens Vandenbroucke, who has also let me use his precision timer.

You can find some screenshots underneath this text. The code in the pictures was
used for the particles, so build a quad mesh for the particles, give them gravity,
let them die when there lifetime runs out, etc...

Download RODClick here to check a video about the screensaver.

Download RODClick here if you want the screensaver yourself.


Screensaver      Screensaver      Screensaver


copyright Kristof Van Der Haeghen 2010

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