Next-Gen Shotgun




This was an assignment for the lesson 3D 4 games - 2nd Year. The assignment was
to model a next-gen gun. We could choose ourself wich gun we wanted to make.

I chose the 'FABARM SDASS Trainer'-shotgun. Blueprints for the gun could be hardly found, so again I had to do it with a lot of reference.

The model is a low/mid poly shotgun with around 5.000 polys. I first made a high poly model, then a low/mid poly version of it.

Afterwards I backed a normal map with the high poly model onto the low/mid poly
one with the use of the projection modifier. I've also tweaked the normal map in Photoshop.

The car was made with Autodesk: 3D Studio Max. The texture for the gun was made
in Adobe Photoshop.


Shotgun      Shotgun      Shotgun



copyright Kristof Van Der Haeghen 2010

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